The Basketball Podcast: E17 with Tab Baldwin on Philosophy

RELEASE DATE : 28/11/2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, professional coach Tab Baldwin joins the podcast. Baldwin is an American-New Zealand basketball coach who currently serves as the team consultant for the Manila based PBA team, Talk N Text, and the head coach of the Ateneo Blue Eagles basketball team of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. Coach Baldwin has coached professionally for 37 years including stints with 5 national teams: Malaysia, New Zealand, Lebanon and Jordan.

One of many of Coach Baldwin’s notable career highlights was the final four performance of the New Zealand Tall Blacks national team at the 2002 FIBA World Championships that he coached. This unheralded team surprised the basketball world with this placing and propelled Coach Baldwin into the professional coaching ranks in Europe and ultimately a total of 10 countries.

Tab Baldwin

Tab Baldwin Podcast Quotes

“We are not limited by what we can do. We are limited by what we think we can do.”

“You don’t want to hand the ball off, you want to execute what we call a ‘pitch pass’ . . because a lot of teams started to counter handoffs with double teams and traps.”

“We built so much variety into this particular continuity offense, that it’s less continuity and more lots of variation built into a consistent action.”

“We strive to teach the game from the basis of decisions.”

“We try to teach that every action you take . . should be designed to help a teammate improve his position so that he can help the next teammate improve his position until ultimately it becomes terminal and somebody has a great shot opportunity.”

“The more variation you have [on offense] . . the bigger the premium on making good decisions because you do become less predictable.”

“Everything we do in practice is designed to help our players become better decision makers.”

“You’ve got to get the defense preoccupied with the rim. Once they’re preoccupied with the rim, all your reversal actions become much easier.”

“They take the preoccupation with the ball and exploit that . . so while you’re standing there looking at the basketball, they’re sealing you, pinning you, flaring you . .”

“Now you’re going to have to defend a whole bunch of sequential action before the ball screen.”

“Spain is trying to turn the game of basketball into what it should have been from the beginning. . and that is a game of 4-on-4.”

“The preliminary actions have to have teeth . . they have to keep the defense honest and they have to keep them occupied.”

“We want our weak side defenders to actively disrupt strong side actions. All the time.”

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Tab Baldwin Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Life Experiences in Coaching
6:00 – The Philippines Loves Basketball
8:00 – Coaching Philosophy
9:50 – “The Greatness of an Opponent brings out the Best in Us”
11:14 – Honor the Star in Every Player
13:30 – Work Smarter
15:40 – The Jones Cup vs. Coach Oliver
17:30 – Helping One Another
20:40 – What is a “Pitch Pass”
22:00 – Using Backdoors
24:20 – Teaching
26:00 – No Time Restrictions in Practice
31:00 – Weak Side Actions
37:30 – Masking Actions
39:00 – Lengthy and Disruptive Players
40:30 – What’s Gonna Beat You?
41:00 – Skill Development
43:00 – Finishing at the Rim
45:30 – Ball-Screen Defense
51:00 – Re-Screening
53:00 – Play Calling Strategy?
57:00 – Best Advice from Coach Tab
58:00 – Value of the Coach and the Players
60:00 – Conclusion

Tab Baldwin Links:

Bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tab_Baldwin

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